Air2 Wins PLH Group Safety Award for 2017

Great vision is achieved with great people.

It is our discipline and the ability to manage the difficulties faced each day that ensure the vision of a safe today and even safer tomorrow.

For our dedication to safety, Air2 was proudly recognized with the PLH Group Company of the Year Safety Award for 2017.

It is because of our people living out the culture and vision that we are our brother’s keeper. That going home safe to our families is worth the double check, every single time. In 2017, Air2 was one of two PLH companies that had ZERO recordables for the year. We proudly share this achievement with our sister company, R.B. Hinkle.

We believe that this achievement does not happen by chance. It is because of the discipline, diligence and dedication of our people that show up every day ready to embrace the culture of safety that has been embedded in the DNA of Air2.

We also believe that the participation in our proactive safety programs, Safety Posse and Good catch, helped keep safety on the forefront of our minds to achieve this incredible number, ZERO!

As we move through 2018, we once again strive to have ZERO recordables. At the beginning of 2018, we requested each individual within Air2 to be “ALL IN” for the vision of safety excellence in 2018; we are proud to say that we received a 100% response. It is a great vision, we want every employee to work safe, feel safe and go home safe and that only happens with great people putting that vision into practice every day.