Orientation & Training

In an effort to maintain the highest level of worksite safety, Air2 is committed to continuous safety training and certifications using 3 1/2 day of orientation, PowerSafe™ training and a Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program.

All employees attend a 3 ½ day orientation course which includes:

  • OSHA ET&D 10 Course
  • CPR/FA
  • Job briefing/JHA training
  • DOT Training

Air2 has developed a custom 8,000 hour, DOL approved apprentice training program.  In addition, employees are trained as part of recurrent training by PowerSafe. Training includes detailed site specific safety plans, which include step by step work procedures, environmental considerations and congested area methods.

PowerSafe, administered by the Safety Council, offers a comprehensive training and verification program for utility contractors. PowerSafe was created to provide a proven system for quality standardized training, universally accepted ID cards, internet accessible training records and personnel verification.