Energized Services

To avoid loss of revenue and disruption to the power grid, system operators increasingly choose to perform maintenance work and emergency repairs under energized line conditions when possible.

In response to this customer need, Air2 has trained and equipped its crews to perform a variety of live line maintenance projects combining “bare-hand” methods and helicopter access.

Aerial crews access the work via helicopter skid-level platform or via the long-line suspension method.

Energized Line Maintenance Services

  • Insulator replacement
  • Cross-arm replacement
  • Conductor spacer replacement at existing or new, measured locations
  • Conductor and shield wire repairs:
    • Full-tension compression splice and sleeve repair or replacement
    • Armor rod repair
    • Wire cut-ins
    • Splice shunts
  • H-frame knee brace and v-brace replacement
  • Insulator washing
  • Aerial number, warning sign and other marker installation or replacement
  • Bird-discouraging device installation (all types)
  • Aerial warning sphere (marker ball) installation or replacement
  • Anti-galloping device installation
  • Airflow spoiler installation
  • Damper installation or replacement
  • Shield wire connection repairs:
    • Bonding
    • De-insulating of shield wire
    • Hardware replacement (all types)