Safety Communication

It goes without saying; if you work on extra-high voltage (EHV) power lines you need to be extremely safety conscious.

Now imagine you work on EHV transmission lines from a helicopter skid-level platform or long-line suspended chair, hanging 50 to 100′ below the helicopter or 200′ above the ground. Or perhaps you pilot that helicopter with your coworkers on the platform or in the chair. In either case, you’ve ratcheted up the need for safety consciousness to a whole new level.

We have two Safety Communication programs, The Safety POSSE and the “Good Catch” both of which encourage safe practices.

Look Out for Your POSSE

At Air2, we believe the employees who perform this work on a daily basis are uniquely qualified to generate safety ideas that those who remain firmly on the ground might never imagine.

That’s why Air2 added another layer to its Safety Communication.

Internally known as The Safety POSSE, Personal Observation or Safety Suggestion by Employee, the program is designed to encourage employees to submit their safety ideas for possible implementation.

Win a Spin on the Safety POSSE Prize Wheel

Each month, Management Safety Committee chooses the best safety idea and the submitter of the idea, wins a spin on the Safety POSSE Prize Wheel.  The prize might be a gift card, a pair of work boots, electronics or any other popular item. How the prize is chosen — by spinning the Air2 “Wheel of Safety” — adds another element of fun.

Because Air2 team members are geographically dispersed, they can’t spin the prize wheel themselves.  So, two staff members in the Timonium, Maryland, headquarters office take care of that. One spins while the other shoots video, and then they email the video to the winner.

Watch the Wheel of Safety video

Good Catch Reporting Program

Air2 defines a “Good Catch” as an event or circumstance that had the potential to cause an incident or accident but due to corrective action and/or timely intervention did not occur. Employees are required to report anyGood Catch” situation to their direct supervisor, or acting supervisor, or other Air2 management personnel immediately. The supervisor is required to ensure the hazardous situation is corrected to prevent any further incident. A completed “Good Catch” Card is submitted to the Air2 Director of Safety & Training. The Air2 Director of Safety & Training will perform an evaluation of each Good Catch. These Good Catches and evaluations will be reviewed during the monthly safety meetings. Good Catch reports will be reviewed monthly by the Management Safety Committee to determine the “Best” good catch of the month. The “Best good Catch” of the month will be posted on the Air2 website, and the person who submitted the “Good Catch” will be awarded a “Good Catch” sticker for proud display on their hard hat or flight helmet.


All employees are hereby advised that participation in this reporting program is mandatory. Compliance with this program is a condition of employment at Air2.

Download the Good Catch PDF Form