New Louisiana Hangar for Air2 Helicopters

The Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport welcomed Air2, LLC as its first tenant to the new 6,363 square foot hangar. Located in the heart of three key southern industrial Louisiana parishes, this places Air2 in the perfect location to maintain Entergy’s high voltage (EHV) transmission lines. Air2, LLC a PLH Group Company, has a long history of working in the Southern Louisiana region having supported recovery efforts for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008.

After two hurricanes severely damaged powerlines, roadways and the Port Fourchon access, Entergy teamed up with Homeland Security to improve the areas power lines. Air2 and sister company Auger Services played an integral part in Entergy’s plan to relocate 60-year-old power lines out of the marshy areas to alongside highway LA-1. Air2 provided helicopter assisted construction services for the 20 mile 115 kV transmission lines, while Auger Services drilled and installed the 21 ton foundations. These new and improved power lines exceed the National Electrical Safety Code criteria for a Category 5 hurricane, as some of the new poles are 150 feet high and can withstand 150-mile per hour winds.

Executive Director Paul Aucoin, Port of South Louisiana stated, “We are excited to have Air2 as a current tenant as they work with Entergy on maintenance of their power lines in the south Louisiana area.”

Air2’s mission is to deliver safe, quality service with integrity and respect to their customers while providing premier construction, maintenance, emergency response and inspection services to North American utility companies. Air2, LLC is headquartered in Maryland with operational centers throughout the United States.

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