Air2’s Airborne Utility Expertise Featured in T&D World Magazine

Technical writer Gene Wolf shines a spotlight on PLH Group company Air2 in his recent T&D World article “Aeronautics Is A Game Changer” and proclaims helicopter assisted utility services are quickly becoming the new industry norm.

Wolf describes Air2 as a “highly skilled helio team” and showcases their MD500 helicopter external load capabilities through photos and videos illustrating ‘longlining’ and longlining with ladders. In the article, Dan Vega, Director of Business Development and Marketing for PLH Group, is quoted regarding helicopter safety feature techniques, and specifically performing longlining, the helicopter pilot must be certified by the FAA to conduct this type of operation.

Because of the extreme nature of the operations aeriel linemen must perform, safety is ingrained into each employee’s mindset. Air2’s Safety and Value statement is practiced before, during and after every job and is the company’s No. 1 priority. Air2’s philosophy is “to expect complete dedication and the elimination of unsafe practices and conditions – and this to be upheld by every Air2 employee regardless of any other factor.”

High voltage transmission line construction using aerial longlining with ladders.

Utility companies are quickly realizing using the aerial applications like those Air2 offers have numerous cost, safety and efficiency benefits over using traditional methods, such as bucket trucks. The benefits utility airborne applications include easier access through rough terrain and dealing with ROW issues, timelier project completion, and efficient compliance with NERC’s transmission line inspection requirements when using LiDAR and PHoDAR imaging capabilities.

Check out Air2 performing longlining work for Lower Colorado River Authority.

Longlining has been around about as long as helicopters have been flying – at least since the 1950’s.

However, “since the Northeast blackout of 2003, this method has been proving effective to many operators supporting transmission line projects.” – Gene Wolf, T&D World Magazine, Aeronautics Is A Game Changer