Air2 Recognized for Zero TRIR

Air2, LLC, a PLH Group company was honored at a recent companywide management meeting. Throughout the history of PLH Group, clear and distinct expectations around safety has carried their business entities to excellent safety records. This year, congratulations are in order for AIR2—a subsidiary of PLH Group—who received recognition for exceptional performance in safety.

AIR2—the helicopter-assisted utility construction and maintenance company—demonstrated outstanding work in 2019 with a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate [TRIR]—recognized by OSHA as one of the most important safety metrics in construction settings. This is a much-respected designation across all manufacturing and construction as an important metric which not only drives a safe workplace, but reduces regulatory risk, and controls the cost of insurance premiums.

Exceptional safety is culturally engrained at PLH Group. The centerpiece of their  safety program is the PREVENT® System—a collection of tools designed to integrate safe work practices into every step of the task.

This proprietary program puts visual and practical teaching tools into the hands of every employee companywide.

In the years ahead, AIR2 expects to keep rising to the task of keeping their helicopter pilots and linemen safe.

Air2’s mission is to deliver safe, quality service with integrity and respect to their customers while providing premier construction, maintenance, emergency response and inspection services to North American utility companies. Air2, LLC is headquartered in Tennessee operational centers throughout the United States.