Air2 Recognizes Long Tenured Service

We are proud to celebrate two of our team leaders hitting the 10-year milestone here at Air2. We believe our people and this commitment is one of the main factors that sets Air2 apart.

Charles Ayers started out as a Groundsman in 2007 and progressed to become a deeply respected and valued superintendent. He continually works to develop the skills of his team members. He is dedicated to safety and the safety of everyone around him. When talking with Charles about his experience and what wisdom he would pass on to others he said “Everyone is from different places and it takes a team. No one knows it all. We have to listen to each other and make the best decision to move forward and get the job done. And above all, safety first, no matter what.” This is the dedication in the field that makes Air2 so successful.

Charles was able to provide a picture of his first tower climbing experience with Air2. Taken by a fellow Air2 employee, Doug Lucas and now General Superintendent, that has worked for Air2 for over 13 years! Charles said that although he may look brave in this picture, he was certainly nervous. It is no doubt that the leadership guiding him helped make that a successful and lasting impression.

Charles Ayers climbs his first tower as Air2 employee in 2007

Billy Depue works with field crew team to replace a 345kV wood cross-arm

Billy Depue started out as a Lineman in 2007 and has risen to become a highly specialized General Superintendent. His extraordinary knowledge and experience helps set Air2 apart. Billy’s words of wisdom for his fellow team members struck at the heart of safety and always keeping an open mind to those around you. “Short cuts will never get you anyway but in a bigger bind. You need to listen to your team, even the new guy can bring something to the table that we didn’t think about, so hear them out.” It is easy to see why our field crew would want to follow a leader willing to listen, train and motivate everyone who comes to work.

Billy went on to say that it was at a job in Vermont 8 years ago that he met his future wife. He is married with two beautiful boys now. We are certain that they have an incredible example to look up to. Air2 is proud and honored to be a part of such an incredible journey.

Charles and Billy, thank you for your dedication and outstanding leadership here at Air2. This leadership is why customers come to Air2 and trust in our services. It is both of you and others like you that make Air2 truly a great place to be.

Air2 is proud of the 11 employees who have met and surpassed the 10-year commitment to Air2 excellence. Those that have called Air2 home for 10 years plus range from field to office positions. We celebrate each member with respect and pride that they are a part of the Air2 family. Those individuals are Mark Camus, Jonno Sole, Lynn Strosnider, Catherine Sauer, Doug Lucas, Mike Roederer, Travis Drury, Sunita Khorana and Mary Maggio.