Two Vice Presidents Celebrate 15 Years of Service

Sixteen years ago when Air2 was just an idea, Mark Camus and Tom McShane joined forces to create one of the leading helicopter companies servicing the utility industry. Mark had spent 13 years with another helicopter company as Vice President of Operations and Chief Pilot. Becoming an investor, entrepreneur and key management in a new company was a dream come true. One of his first tasks was to hire and train Air2 pilots in the world of utility transmission line inspection, maintenance and construction. Fifteen years ago, that pilot was Jonno Sole.

Jonno Sole, Vice President of Operations

Jonno was instrumental in the start-up phases of Air2 in 1999.  His dedication, commitment and hard work paved his way to becoming the Vice President of Operations where he manages the Flight, Maintenance and Line Departments.

His commitment to safety and excellence has contributed to Air2’s continued success. He upholds our company’s values- Safety, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork on a daily basis. Jonno has proved that through initiative, devotion, and commitment to excellence that you can achieve success in becoming a leader of this company.

“The past 15 years have been the most challenging and fun years. Working with Air2 and being part of the growth to become a strong national service company has been extremely rewarding,” said Jonno.

Mark Camus, Vice President

As one of the founding members of Air2, LLC, Mark established the company culture with a commitment to SAFETY and EXELLENCE which has contributed to the growing success of Air2. Mark has always been a leader, an innovator (holder of three aviation patents) and has led the Air2 team through, safety, flight, maintenance and FAA Compliance. Some of his current responsibilities are technical procedures, business development, bidding and estimating projects.

“Due to Mark’s amazing technical expertise and experience, he is able to think through challenging situations and provide solutions to our customers. No, is never a response. It is, how we can make it happen?” Commented President Sunita Khorana.

Congratulations to both Jonno and Mark.