Air2 Helicopters in Alaska

Alaska, I would go again in a heartbeat!” commented Dave Brown, Assistant Operations Manager for Air2, who spent three weeks in Alaska supervising line inspections and tower washing. “The people are welcoming, hospitable and very accommodating, however it was the Alaskan professionals that made this assignment one of our most successful jobs.”

Yes, it was cold, the weather was foggy and heaters were needed for not only the men but also the helicopter and blades. Exactly how do you heat helicopter blades? Not an issue, the Alaskans are used to the extreme working conditions and are well prepared for every situation. Specialized self-contained heaters are transported to the landing zone and strategically placed to keep the helicopter blades from icing.

Alaska is 1/5th the size of United States, traveling from one town to another can span hundreds of miles. Working in an environment where even your basic needs from food to water must be preplanned is a challenge; then add a helicopter, crew, mechanic and petroleum. Dave Brown commented, “The customer took excellent care of us and the locals were extremely supportive, all with the utmost professionalism.”