Sharyland Uses Helicopters to Complete Transmission Line Construction

Power Line Services was the general contractor for transmission and infrastructure services as part of Sharyland’s Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (“CREZ”) initiative. The contract encompassed transmission line construction services for two segments of 345 KV transmission lines totaling approximately 80 miles in Texas. Under the direction of Power Line Services, sister company Air2 provided helicopter construction services. Air2 assisted in transporting the men to the structures, tool delivery, hanging insulators, stringing blocks and pulling sock line.

Using helicopters increased the efficiency of the project and accelerated the work schedules. In addition, the use of helicopters offers access to difficult or sensitive areas.

“The PLS and Air2 team was focused on completing the construction of this important transmission line with a commitment to safety while maintaining excellence in project management,” said President of Power Line Services Mike Shuba.

Power Line Services oversaw, managed and performed all construction activities related to the two segments: Silverton-Nazareth (48 miles) and Nazareth-Hereford (27 miles). Construction was completed by May 2013.