Air2 LLC Helicopter Safety Briefing

Helicopter safety and power line safety should never be taken for granted. On every Air2 jobsite throughout the USA, the day starts with a safety briefing. The safety briefing (also referred to as the tailboard meeting) is led by the foreman. His topics will cover everything from the day’s mission and logistics to the responsibilities of each crew member, job hazards and issues or concerns. The tasks of the day are diagnosed to determine the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used, such as gloves, helmets, boots, safety glasses, hearing protection, and in energized line situations, conductive clothing for EMF protection.

The helicopter pilot and crew members communicate with radios and Bluetooth intercom systems installed in their helmets. These systems must also be function-checked prior to performing any aerial operations.

Each attendee signs the Safety Briefing form acknowledging the items presented during the briefing and compliance with the safety practices and PPE that will be used throughout the day.

Safety Integral to Air2 Operations

At Air2 LLC, safety is more than a priority, it is a value that is ingrained in the way we conduct our work and how we live our lives. It goes without saying, if you work around high voltage power lines; everyone needs to be safety conscious. Lineman safety, pilot safety, crew safety, and the safety of everyone in the vicinity is of upmost importance. At Air2 LLC, we consistently exceed the customer’s safety expectations!

The Air2 team in this video includes the pilot, the foreman (who is also a lineman) and one additional lineman who performed the ground duties. Watch this Air2 safety briefing that occurred in Maryland several months ago.