Safety News

Two Air2 Employees Win the PLH Group President’s Safety Achievement Award

Air2 recognized two employees, Doug Lucas, General Superintendent and Randy O’Neil, Senior Instructor Pilot, for Effective Leadership during an Air2 crisis in 2014. During an emergency that required the evacuation of a fellow employee, Randy and Doug’s heroic efforts in coordinating with the local Emergency Medical Services significantly improved the seriously injured employee’s survival and subsequent recovery.

Both individuals were nominated for the “PLH Group 2014 President’s Safety Achievement Award”. And, while Randy O’Neil Randy received the “PLH Group President’s Safety Achievement Award” from PLH Group CEO Mark Crowson, both men were instrumental in the rescue and evacuation of the injured employee.

President of Air2, Sunita Khorana commented, “We are grateful for how Randy, Doug and the entire crew handled this critical situation. Their quick thinking, timely response and calm control of the event clearly contributed to saving his life.”