Coolest Contrails: Air2 MD500 Helicopter Generated

Contrails occur when water in engine exhaust mixes with extremely cold moist air. At 30,000 feet this is a common occurrence for jet liners, however in some very cold parts of the world, contrails will be found even at ground level.

See a lovely picture here:

This past winter, Air2 had two helicopters and two crews in Wisconsin constructing a 345kV transmission line for the Fargo III / CAPX2020 project. The accompanying pictures show the contrail formed by the Air2 MD500 helicopter on a very cold day in western Wisconsin.

“2014 was a brutal winter in Wisconsin”, commented Mark Camus, Vice President, “we had to not only determine what this phenomenon was, but also if it was safe to continue to work with reduced visibilities to the suspended linemen. We are hoping for a milder winter next year” said Mark Camus.