Safety News

Air2 Employees Earn FITWE Certificate of Completion

Timonium, Maryland – Mike Newman, Director of Safety and Training for Air2 announced the successful completion of the Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment Course by 14 pilots and Air2 support staff.

The course provides safety auditing, specialized training and technical aviation instruction. The two day course provided low-level flight crews the essential skills needed to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction environments.

Mike Newman commented, “This course is essential for our pilots since it specifically addresses low-level flight issues working in and around wires. In our environment, low-level crew interaction is much more complex and demanding. Flight critical communications routinely comes from crewmembers who are non-pilots or are part of the ground support team. The course walks crews and pilots through all the unique differences and necessary communications needed to operate in the low-level environment.”

Air2 operates 8 MD-500 helicopters and one Bell Helicopter, providing helicopter assisted power line construction to the utility industry. Air2 was acquired in 2010 by PLH Group, a leading provider of construction and maintenance services to the electric power delivery and pipeline industries in North America. Its customers include many of the largest utilities, regional cooperatives, renewable energy developers, commercial and industrial customers, and major oil and gas producers and midstream companies.

PLH, has acquired Sun Electric, TESSCO, Air2, Auger Services, Snelson Companies, IPS Engineering, Southeast Directional Drilling, M&M Pipeline Services, Energy Services South, Pipeworx, RB Hinkle and TTR Substations. PLH is actively seeking to expand further its service offerings and geographic footprint. For more information, visit